Mohammed's Hit Men

Dick Cheney's not the only guy who likes to assassinate people, Mohammed was big on it too. Here's the short list of people he had whacked, including Kab Ashraf. We have to know about him in order for chapter 59 to make sense. It seems like god could've made things a lot simpler, like he could've have just said, “don't murder anybody”, but he moves in mysterious ways, right?

Nothing mysterious about what happened to Ka'b. In that last post, between the battles, didja notice it says Mohammed 'Assassinates Ka'b'. It's not just my infiddle opinion, this is straight from the muslim scholars, there's all kinds of hadith about it (BukhariV5,59n369: V4,52n271). It's the god's truth, so to speak.

See, after the battle of Badr, this guy Ka'b wrote poetry that sympathized with the pagan side. He also wrote nasty erotic poems, and you know I'd post them if I could find any. Darn! All these mean poems were like waving a Danish cartoon in front of Mohammed, so Mo had him whacked. Here are the gory details.

"Allah's Apostle said, “Who would kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf as he has harmed Allah and His Apostle ?” Muhammad bin Maslama (got up and) said, “I will kill him”.Bukhari V3,45n687;
So they went to see him, and were all 'we just wanna talk to ya, man', and 'let's go for a walk'. They were all 'hey, I really like yer perfume', and 'can I smell yer hair, man' and then they jumped him. Typical gang member hit job, except
Then they cut his head and took it with them. ... they cast his head before him [Muhammad]. He (the prophet) praised Allah on his being slain.” (Ibn Sa'd;v1p37)
Wow, so Mara Salvatrucha. Ya just gotta ask, What Would Mohammed Do? And then do something else.

Well so what, you ask? Well see, Ka'b's mother was from the Nadeer tribe. They were allies with the Aamir. Coming up, Mo has dealings with both these, and there's gonna be a little blowback. Yeah, CIA, I'm looking at you. Still hard to figure why god felt like he had to mention this in his holy book, though, or how it fits in with what he said earlier, “Thou shalt not” ...something or other.


Amin said...

(2:53) Remember, We gave Moses the Book and Discernment of falsehood and truth, that you may be guided.

I counted seventeen times in this chapter when he mentions they had a book for guidance, so WTF

(2:170) ... they reply: "No, we shall follow only what our fathers had practiced," -- even though their fathers had no wisdom or guidance!

God kinda contradicts hisself there.

You have got be the biggest "?" around. If you couldn't even get this. What hope have you got.

Have you seen your style of writing. Who are trying to kid. Hey, at least go and learn how to write. Take a creative writing class.

Anonymous said...

Uzza hasn't been heard from in a while. I sure hope Mohammed's modern hit men haven't caught up with you.

Anonymous said...

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