If one thing could convince you that these Islam stories are all bogus, it's this one.

Muezza, the Prophet Muhammad’s favourite cat:
"The most famous story about Muezza recounts how the call to prayer was given, and as Prophet Mohammed went to put on one of his robes, he found his cat sleeping on one of the sleeves. Rather than disturbing the cat, he cut off the sleeve and let him sleep. When he returned, Muezza awoke and bowed down to Prophet Muhammad and in return he stroked him three times.”.

A cat BOWED DOWN to somebody? ROFL! All together now, can we say GULLIBLE? I showed this to my cats, and they're all rolling around on the floor holding their sides laughing. They look silly, but not as silly as this comment: Check out this comment;

I love this old and no doubt true story
No doubt. Has this guy ever even seen a cat?

The story came from this site: Don't miss the video of stray Mosque kittens, about halfway down. Any religion that's nice to stray kittehs can't be all bad.  And here is the famous Random Kitten Generator.

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