Lovers not Fighters

Notice the pattern here, these pagans weren't any great shakes at fighting.What can you expect from people that have sex orgies on their altars?

At Badr, they can't keep an alliance together, half their guys just up and leave before the battle, then when they meet up they don't want to fight people who aren't involved in their feuds, but then they finally throw down, and they outnumber the cult three to one and they still lost. They're not taking this any too serious.

After Badr, even while they're losing caravans to the cult all the time, it still took them two years to drum up an army, and then they gave up their siege after a lousy couple of weeks.

At Uhud, pagans outnumber the cult 3 to 1 again, and barely beat them. Then after they won the battle, they didn't even go into town, let alone loot it, or kill prisoners or enslave everybody like the muslims did. They just went on home.

The Jews noticed it too. When Mo came back from Badr all pumped up and threatened the Qaynuqa, they laughed at him, they said

"Muhammad, do you think that we are like your people? Do not be deluded by the fact that you met a people with no knowledge of war and that you made good use of your opportunity. By God, it you fight us, you will know that we are real men!" (Tabari VII, p85)
Another thing they couldn't done, but didn't, was assassinate Mohammed, even though he had his own Phoenix program sending out hit squads, so y'know, fair's fair.

First noticed this when Mohammed was wandering around Mecca for ten years preaching more or less the overthrow of the government, and they never arrested him, kicked him out, or anything. Try that in Mecca nowadays. Natch the muslim historians try to paint them as terrible oppressors, but the whitewash is pretty thin. Those pagans were all about live and let live. Too bad.

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