Body Bags

So, after telling us to beat the shit out of people, godhammed goes on with Ch24 ...
11 Those who brought forward the lie are a body among yourselves: bla bla the liars bla bla Hell bla bla
the lie”? What lie? Is this another one of his stuck-in-the-7thcentury-shoutouts? (google, google)Yep. It's harem gossip, somebody talking shit about one of his wives. Allah, god of the supermarket tabloids. Yawn.

24:27-9 says “don't go into people' houses without their permission”. Is he talking to four year olds? Doan go in peepulz howses, my mommee telled me that wen I wuz widdle. Sheesh. This is Very Important though, cuz it returns to this theme in lines 61-62; ask permission, yada yada. It's Miss Allah's rules of ettiquette.

Then it gets weird. My jaw dropped when I saw this. Fell right off my face. Google “lower their gaze” returns 4 million hits about how WOMEN should wear Hazmat suits, because the koran says this about them.  So here we read: 
24:30 Say to the believing MEN that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.

24:30 tells MEN to lower their gaze. Have you ever seen muslim MEN in a beekeeper suit? I mean if they aren't smuggling weapons or trying to sneak out of the country?

How about those muslim men, hey? If they follow the Noble Quran, and they ain't looking, there's no reason for the body bags, now is there? There's more advice for men in the sunnah:
They should look only at what is permissible for them to look at, and lower their gaze from forbidden things. If it so happens that a person’s gaze unintentionally falls upon something forbidden, he should quickly look away.” says Ibn Kathir,

This is talking about MEN. Not women. It's not requiring beekeeper outfits on women, it's requiring THIS

From now on, all fundamentalist muslim men are required to wear one of these. Fuckers.

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