a Good Senator

....that State Sponsored Rape bill ...

"You can't tell me forcing a probe into a woman's vagina against her consent is anything but rape. You can put icing on it, dress it up, but this is the forced penetration of a woman's vagina without her consent."

"What if a woman is fighting the probe? Is the state going to drug her? Are they going to tie her down? How far can we go?"

Yeah, that's what I've been saying. Alabama Senator Linda Coleman (D-America), is a person with good sense. The kind of person we want need running this country.  More like her please.

On the other side of the aisle, Rapist Wannabe Greg Reed (R-Republic of Gilead) is a suppurating pustule that sells vaginal probes, lies about it, doesn't understand biology, says women are too stupid to know what 'pregnant' means, and thinks God talks to him.  Just another cancer cell in the body politic.

"I would be fighting right on down to the end – to me for someone to insert something in me and I say no I don’t want this, I would be fighting to the end."

Keep fighting, Senator. We need you. 

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