Elevating animals

This really touching and eloquent post is by Personal Failure, one of those immoral atheists you hear about. Her dog Bo has a cognitive processing disorder, and with mutual empathy and understanding they thrive together.
It's ambrosia to the offal of "influential evangelical Christians", Professional liar David Barton  and Rick "food stamp recipients are wild animals" Green, on hate radio saying Disney movies suck

Barton: ... they elevate animals to mankind’s status ...  
Green: Yeah, it starts making you think that they feel and they think ...
Barton: And they don’t.
If by "feelings" you mean hatred, bigotry, grudges and prejudice, which are the only feelings you sots have, then yeah, animals don't have those. It astounds me how these pseudo-humans can ignore reality so well.  Somebody here doesn't think all right, and it ain't Personal Failure's dog. 

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