Fuck You, Issa,

and Hooray  for:

Sen. Nina Turner, (D) Ohio
You want Viagra?   have to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress test and get a notarized affidavit signed by a sexual partner affirming impotency,

 Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D) Illinois
“They need to see a visual depiction of the treatment for the most common side effect to Viagra use, which is priapism, and it’s not a pretty procedure to watch,”

 Sen. Janet Howell (D) Virginia,
 undergo a digital rectal exam before recieving a prescription for erectile disfunction drugs.

and props to the 

Wilmongton Delaware City Council 
"every sperm is sacred"

It'd be nicer if you'd do the job you get paid for, but since you're all just going to fuck around ...

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