$82.00 a page

So the Supreme Court is  working on  looking at the ACA  ...

JUSTICE SCALIA: Mr. Kneedler, what happened to the Eighth Amendment? You really want us to go through these 2,700 pages? (Laughter.) And do you really expect the Court to do that? Or do you expect us to — to give this function to our law clerks? Is this not totally unrealistic? That we are going to go through this enormous bill item by item and decide each one?
Ho, ho, ho, Mr Scalia, do you really expect us to write you a check for $223,500.00? Or is this not totally unrealistic, that you should earn your fucking keep? How about you take that eight amendment and cruelly and unusually shove it up your ass. 

P.S.  LOLyeah!

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