Woman gropes TSA agent

This one sounds like a clear case of self defense.

a Colorado woman is accused of putting her hands on a TSA agent at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Court records show 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae grabbed the left breast of the female agent Thursday at the Terminal 4 checkpoint.

Police say she squeezed and twisted the agent's breast with both hands.
Officers say Mihamae admitted to the crime.
There's no word why she touched the agent.
Mihamae now faces a felony count of sexual abuse

Hey, turnabout is fair play.  Over at the Lake they have a list of what the other side's doing. 
 In the last thirty days, TSA has:

  • Asked a 95-year-old woman to remove her adult diaper (then denied ever asking her to do such a thing)
  • Singled out a woman for a hair search probably because she was African-American
  • After announcing they would try to avoid patting down children, let TSA pat down a 6-year-old boy twice
  • Missed a man who stowed away on a flight from New York to Los Angeles
  • Dismissed concerns about increased risk of cancer from the scanners (although these concerns have been coming from scientists since TSA began to use the scanners)
  • Arrested a mom for refusing to let TSA search her daughter
  • Let a stun gun get on a JetBlue flight to Boston. A cleaning crew found it.
  • And, finally, couldn’t stop a scorpion from getting on a plane to sting a man

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Lorena said...

Yeap, TSAs can be nasty. Who knows what happened there.