The Hell? How?


JoƩ McKen said...

I believe they are ‘W’s.

… I think.

As for the words, well, I no speaky Martianese.

Nameless Cynic said...

I don't know what to do with "sionagem" - obvious gibberish.

But the first word is only a problem because of the creeping Victorianism in our country. A problem we've had since the beginning, to be honest, long before Queen Victoria and her fascinatingly small-minded rules.

It's a problem dating back to when the Puritans attempted to colonize these brave shores (and would have failed, had they not been given pagan charity by the indigenous peoples, who were repaid with their efforts by incarceration, mass killings, and the eventual death of their way of life).

The problem is the long-standing distaste of the less-open members of our society for blunt speech. It's their ongoing insistence that any written example of words they consider "profanity" must be hidden, with a string of information-free symbols (in the cartoons), or at least masking some of the letters with other symbols.

The phrase you should have entered is "motherfucker sionagem".

uzza said...

Ahhh, that explains it .