Hey Kid, Free Candy

Alberta Darling (R-Big Tobacco) and Luthor Olsen (R-Phillip Morris) are evil soulless motherfuckers. That is all.

"... inserting a last-minute budget amendment that makes it easier for tobacco giant Philip Morris to push cancer-causing tobacco products to Wisconsin children – marketing them with fruity flavors and candy-like packaging."
Hey Kiddies--first dose is free! 

This story was hard to believe--fruit flavored cigarettes for kids? WTF?--so I googled it. Well, not cigarettes, snuff, to sell kids. Even Scott Walker wouldn't sink low enough for this bill, but these two pustules tried to make this legal, and for a measly grand (33.3 pieces of silver).  

You'd expect to find people like this sneaking around the school grounds with bags of crack.  

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D'Ma said...

What is the tobacco content of these? Do you have to present ID to buy them like with cigarettes and other smokeless tobacco? In theory(we all know it doesn't work) can a minor purchase these at the counter?

I remember when I was a kid eating candy cigarettes. They were these sugary sticks that looked like real cigarettes(at least to a six year old), and were packaged in real-looking cigarette packages. I ate them...well...like candy. My dad was a smoker. I am not. Never had any desire for the stuff.