I flunk Geography

One of my readers just pointed out to me that I'm from a non-existent country.  On my "about" page it said

Hi, I'm Uzza. Long ago everyone in Sumeria knew me, and my sisters and I were worshipped all over the Mideast ...

There's no such place as Sumeria--it was Sumer. I attribute this slip to reading too much Conan the Barbarian. On the plus side, it only took, what, three years for anyone to notice.  Sharp guy, that reader. 

(I fixed it)


Andy said...

I think you should have done a Michele Bachman and insisted that Sumeria really is Sumer.

Ralf Muschall said...

Doing a Sarah Palin and sending hordes to edit Wikipedia to retroactively change Sumer into Sumeria would have be even cooler.