FuckForForests ?!?

Wow, man, like, I woke up this morning, lit up a fatty, went online, and I was like back in the sixties. This is far out, man. 

**clicking this picture is **Definitely NSFW** see, I even pruded out the homepage for you.

What is moral, when we do not respect nature? War and nature destruction is normalized, while public lovemaking and nudity is considered offensive and criminalized.
When you show a film with animals fucking it is called a nature program. But if you show humans fucking, it is called porn and gets given an age limit or censorship.

This is a group in I guess Europe, who want to use porn for a good cause.

Sex is often shown to attract us to buy all kind of bullshit products and ideas, so why not for a good cause?
By showing the beauty of love, nudity and real sexual adventures - we wish to direct attention to, and collect money for threatened nature.

I've got no quarrel with that, it sounds like a good idea. The world can use more idealistic, uhh, whatever this is. It's more and more obvious the hippies were right.

I gotta admit I just can't wrap my mind around this whole site though. Am I just having flashbacks?

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