First they came for the sex dolls,

We never got caught so I don't know, but I think that when I was in high school we wouldn't have gotten eight years in prison for leaving a blowup doll there.

 Jonathan Turley the law professor has the question

“The question is what type of society we are creating when our children have to fear that a prank (could) lead them to jail for almost a decade. What type of citizens are we creating who fear the arbitrary use of criminal charges by their government?”

Ted Rall has the answer:

Brave New Book: Political Scientist Argues the U.S. is a Police State 

"Where the book becomes indispensable is its last third, focusing on the Clinton, Bush and early Obama administrations. This, the author argues beyond any sane ability to disagree, is when Americans citizens lost our basic freedoms and civil liberties once and for all"

 What I wanna know is what can we do if there's anything we can do about it?

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