We need follow-through

A warning to all, just so you don't wreck your car driving around Nashville, some lunatics with too much money and not enough sense have actually put up 40 billboards saying that the Rapture's a-coming in six months, it is. 

My Goddess powers tell me that the flake won't show up--again, he never does. Face it rapture people, you've been stroking the guy for 2000 years and he hasn't come yet: he's not gonna come. 

We should prepare for this. On the 22nd, those billboards will need replaced. What could go on the new ones?

"Got Jesus?"

"Nyah, nyah, nyah. Told ya he wouldn't show".

"Where's Jesus?" (with a Waldo-esque graphic)

"Christ, you missed your appointment again."  (with a list of dates)

"Jesus. Comes once, leaves, never calls." 

Feel free to add suggestions.


Andy said...

Hey, I was just on that site and wasted a good 10 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Those people are crazy.

Here's a bit I wrote about some REAL ways to get Christ back.


Uruk said...

Now that's a rich post.

@ Andy-- If the cookies idea doesn't work, then I'll dare say Jesus isn't fit to serve. Who can serve a Messiah that doesn't want at least 6 billion cookies!!