Dissolving in Awe

All that ooohhing and awe-ing and celebrating lately slips into some pretty poetic language. I almost wrote 'religious', but it's not religious, is it?

1 : having to do with religion

Well, duh...

1 : worship of god or the supernatural

Worship? What's this worship shit? I was watching the eclipse, not sacrificing a goat to it. Too cold to dance around naked in the moonlight, too.

1 : act of expressing reverence, respect, or admiration for an object of esteem 

Oh. Well,  ok then. I guess so.

1 : beyond the visible observable universe;

LMAO. If it wasn't observable I'd hardly go out in the cold at 3 am to observe it, now would I? Fail.

Sooo, according to the dictionary, religion = worship of the supernatural
[worship] of [the supernatural]

= [expressing reverence, respect, or admiration for ] of [that which is beyond the observable universe]

Sooo, what I did in that other post was worship (express reverence etc), but not religious (its object was beyond observable).

BUT: worship is a form of religious practice. So, my non-religious worship is religious, wtf?!?

Go back. It said “god or the supernatural”, check it out

1: the supreme or ultimate reality:
as in bla bla examples, old man in the sky, woo woo wonder woman, bla bla
3 : a person or thing of supreme value
4 : a powerful ruler
that works in North Korea

Woot! Their examples suck but I'm down with that Supreme Ultimate reality. It'd be Tai Chi in Chinese. I tell students that, 'cause they wonder which teacher to believe; should you stand upright, so your lumbar spine is concave, or tuck your hips under so it's convex? Here's an experiment.

Put your hand on the wall, hunker down and press on it as hard as you can; push your hips forward like you were getting head. Ok, right? Now keep pressing and tilt your hips backward: starts to hurt, doesn't it? Now who's telling you ur doing it rong? Me? Mister Miyagi? No, fuck all those guys, that's nature itself telling you. (If they're bible thumpers I go right ahead and say god) See? Same old Supreme Ultimate up there eclipsing the moon as it is talking to your hips.

So ok then, “God” is Tai Chi, the supreme ultimate reality. Nothing supernatural about it. We're good:
religion = [worship] of [god]

= [expressing reverence for ] of [Tai Chi / supreme ultimate reality]
Shorter, = revering the tai chi

So in this post, when I was watching the eclipse and feeling transported by an inexpressible joy which goes beyond the everyday, when the sense of self seems to dissolve in an ecstasy of awe, I was worshiping god. Religiously! Maybe even praying?

Pray : to address God with adoration ... or thanksgiving

Adore: : to regard with loving admiration and devotion

Address : to direct the efforts or attention of (oneself)

IOW, = to [direct attention to] [the Tai Chi] with [admiration and devotion ] or [thanks]. Yup. I was praying.

Well, fuck me, I was praying and worshipping god. Don't tell nobody, mmkay?

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