By Order of the Queen

The Queen of the Entire Freaking Planet says,

a kid can have any damn kind of water bottle she wants, so lay off.

The advice came from Padme Amidala Skywalker, Galactic Senator and Queen of the Planet Naboo, speaking by way of actress Catherine Taber. When she heard little seven year old Katie Goldman was being bullied into trading her Star Wars stuff for a bunch of pink crap, she

"I immediately had to say something," Taber said. "The whole theme of the 'Star Wars' universe is an anti-bullying theme. It's good versus evil, standing side by side with your friends, doing what's right. One of the most important things to stopping bullies in their tracks is to empower kids to stand up for themselves."

Taber found Katie's mom's blog, sent it to everyone she knew, and left a comment she hoped would help.

"I am [the] actress who has the great honor of being Padme Amidala on 'Star Wars: the Clone Wars!' I just wanted to tell Katie that she is in VERY good company being a female Star Wars fans," Taber wrote. "I know that Padme would tell you to be proud of who YOU are and know that you are not ALONE!

Yay! Mad props to Catherine Taber, and to everyone involved in this mushy episode.  And to little geek kids everywhere.  


Marzie said...

I was just reading about her on CNN!


I asked my son if SW was only for girls in his mind and he said "NO!". Hopefully I'm doing a good job here because then he asked "what backwater does this little girl live in?" When I told him Illinois, he was deeply unsettled. LOL

Andy said...

This is the first time I've this story. Schools need to have a zero tolerance policy for bullying.