Gahhhh. It's past time I posted something. I'm looking to start on Sura 5, but it's a big long thing, 120 verses, gives me that feeling you get standing at the edge of a cesspool just before you wade in to unclog it. So I'm learning Chinese, teaching myself the guitar, doing anything to procastrinate.  If I should turn up with a comment on your blog, kick my ass and make me get back to work.

Meanwhile, this guy has something to say. 


sarah said...

hi, i couldn't see images on your blog. i don't know why exactly but i think in Iran some pictures are blocked.:(

uzza said...

Hi Sarah. You might be right, I'm surprised they don't block this whole blog, along with all their other efforts to oppress you guys. This particular image is an embedded Youtube video of an Auschwitz survivor condemning the actions of the Israeli government. Here's the link. He says “What Israel is doing is destroying the Jewish world and the Jewish heritage.”

Hard to argue with that.

Anonymous said...

You haven't a clue, your like satan's tool, and he doesn't even need to court you