Happy Day of Lust

That's what Fundies called Valentines Day when they protested it  in 2006. Who knew it was a “debauch festival”?  This year the Russian beardos have condemned it because it “contradicts not only the norms of Islam, but also recognised human morality.”  It's nice of them to point out how those are two different things. 

This year, Maylasian women are advised to “hold onto their panties” (I am not making this up) by the factorily clueless  National Fatwa Council.  They've been scared of V.D. since 2005, along with  yoga, ghosts, tomboyism, black metal, and the word Allah. This year they claim a “bare your love campaign” is urging women to go around without underwear (I swear I am not making this up!), and we should all, I dunno, care, or something.    

Kamal thinks the whole thing is silly. May suggests an alternative, cheekily. As always, the Pink Chaddi Campaign rules. Yay!  Here's to ridiculing these shitforbrains out of existence.

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