Brain Damage

Couldn't have said it better myself. Here's this blogger--

The first case is one of the most peculiar stories you’ll ever hear in the realms of neurology and psychology. Imagine a perfectly normal middle-aged man who has a career and a family, a man who has normal interests in sex and shows no signs of any deviancies. Then, virtually overnight, he becomes addicted to sex (a condition known as “hypersexuality”) and becomes entrenched in child pornography. He even tries to molest a prepubescent girl, despite having shown absolutely no sexual interest in children for the first four decades of his life. In other words: a perfectly normal 40-year-old man suddenly turned into a pedophile and a would-be child molester, for no apparent reason (at least at first).
Now, people don’t just become slaves to hyperactive sex drives and start groping children after having lived what is arguably the first half of their lives without having shown the slightest impulses to do so. Yet, this is what happened to the man who is the subject of this first story source of the Quran.
Wait, what? Are we talking about Mohammed? Sure sounds like it. I crossed out a couple words, since Mohammed didn't just TRY to molest prepubescent girl, he fucking MARRIED one. But we all know what caused the big changes in the Prophet's personality, right? An angel of the Lord appeared to him, and ... wait, wait, let's back up.
the Virgina case:
he showed up at UVa hospital complaining of headaches and saying he feared he would rape his landlady.Burns described his behavior as impulsive and hypersexual.
"He was propositioning the nurses and the female residents," Burns recalled. "... He would stop the conversation between the doctor and himself and ask women to get into bed with him."
"It started with a fascination of pornography, including child pornography, and as the tumor grew the symptoms worsened” ... A judge ruled that he had to pass a 12-step sexual addiction program or go to jail. But the man was thrown out of the class after he solicited sexual favors from staff and classmates. ... But then the tumor was found.
-----Joe tells what happened next:
Tumor appears, man becomes a pedophile. Tumor is taken out, man is cured. Tumor reappears, man once again becomes a pedophile. Second tumor is taken out, and the man is once again back to normal. I don’t think it takes an M.D. to see where this leads.
If god is appearing to this guy, he only shows up when there's a tumor. Maybe god is the tumor. OH SHIT! Not so long ago I had one of those OH SHIT maybe I killed God! That's bound to be a one way ticket to hell. Shucks. At any rate, all kinds of weird shit happens when your brain is fucked up. Ditto I guess when god appears to you.

More from the Neurocase article
a cascade of other symptoms: sharp pains in the chest and sensations of breathlessness; alterations of hearing; occasional musical hallucinations – he would always hear a particular song ‘as clearly as if it were being played in the next room’... 
 (Hmmm, I wonder if this is where they got that strange way of reciting-not-singing the koran. Did the angel sing it to Mo? Have to look into that)  Surgeons took out part of his temporal lobe, which just made it worse:
'behavioral changes of irritability, hyperphagia [increased eating] and hypersexuality (including coprophilia) developed. He became more sexually active with his wife and masturbated more often. Compulsively, he began to watch adult pornographic images and videos on the internet when his wife slept. ...Some websites solicited him to view and purchase child pornography. He became obsessed with this and eventually purchased and downloaded pornographic images of prepubescent females engaged in sexual activities from the internet.' For which he got busted, the shrink put him on meds, and 'His sexual obsessions disappeared, and according to his wife, "he became much warmer and loving but the medications shut off his libido... sex became non-existent."'
So there ya go. Fuckedupness in the brain cause changes in behavior and sexuality. On a side note, if we'd had cyberporn back then, instead of conquering half the known world Mo might have stayed in the basement jacking off. Remember that next time somebody complains about the internet.

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