WORMs and Surfing

Today was the vernal equinox. I was out planting grass, things are springing up all, on over this beautiful new spring Sunday.

Stuck my head inside, the people were all gathered around the teevee, listening to some White, Old, Rich, Males ramble on about a guy who died thousands of years ago. These W.O.R.M.s live their lives in old moldy books, shutting themselves off from the sunshine, the light and the wind and all the living things and natural forces, the handiwork of the gods they say they honor.

Meanwhile, I'm outside to see and appreciate the wonders that surround us. Not only is it the 1st day of spring –for me anyway—we had a supermoon.

We should celebrate these events our solar system presents for us. This one was FTW: a full moon when it's at perigee, the closest in 20 years, plus Mars crashed the party. He was in the neighborhood and popped up right next to that 'wolf moon'.

It rained so I missed Mars, but the lightning gods took the stage in his place, shooting parallel bolts across the sky horizontally, four at time! Woot!

People ignore all these special events Mother Nature puts on, and say they're observing the Sabbath? Boo Hiss, they should be out here with her, joining the party. Like these guys;

Surfin' U.K.: British boarders in Gloucestershire on March 2, 2010, brave the Severn Bore, ...
Around the vernal equinox surfers, boaters, and nature enthusiasts flock to the Severn Estuary (map), which has one of the world's greatest ranges between high and low tide. During a rising tide, the funnel shape of the estuary squeezes ocean water upriver, resulting in waves that can reach 4 feet (1.2 meters), as in this picture, or higher.
That my idea of what a religious celebration oughta look like. Before that psychotic old pervert Abraham came along people used to pay attention to these things.  We don't get to make fun of Pagans very often, so go ahead and make fun of that first paragraph, but here is a list of how some people used to do it.  The Ancient Germans had the best idea, I'd say. Notice the Ancient Romans--ROFL. Now excuse me, I'm off to the spring mating rituals.

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