Mai poam, let me show u it

this is just something I wrote a long time ago, had it laying around ...
... think the Doors, Spanish Caravans (I said a long time ago)

Narwhals are playing
beneath northern lights
round calving glaciers
that soar to blue heights
stars overhead in
their half year of light
I hear the song of
these wonderous sights.
me to go and see
arctic majesty

Beautiful houris
dance on their knees
in gorgeous palaces
over the seas
serving rich caliphs
neath silk canopies
I hear their sweet voices
borne on the breeze.
me to far off lands
mystic desert sands

Riches from Khitai
and far Hindustan
Bactrian borne crosst
the Taklimakan
bargains in bazaars
of old Samarkand
pyramids of skulls
left by Tamerlane's hand.
Asian fantasy
won't you come to see

Tropical islands
dance in the haze
coconut palms fringing
sunspattered bays
white powdered shores
of a watery maze
beaches where sand
covered tortoises laze.
in sweet harmony
for my company

Toucans in sweet rotting
jungles of steam
skyscraper trees choked
 with mantles of green
cannibal headhunters
lurking unseen
pythons and leopards
consort with their queen.
me to heed their drum
and for me to come

I'd go to see them
the rest of my life
abandon my children
my home and my wife
always be looking
out further along
never know peace
in a place I belong


I can hear them sing,

and I have everything.

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