Jesus has the Answers

Thanks to Kriss the Sexy Atheist for alerting me to this school in Baltimore that has the answer to our failing schools and is preparing for the Maryland School Assessments in the best way possible.  Illegally, that is, by holding a thirty minute prayer meeting during school hours.

How better to teach the students to be good law abiding citizens of our great Theocracy?  Soon, with God's grace we will eliminate  useless math and science courses, steer our charges from the wayward path of "thinking for themselves", and get back to the basics--memorizing God's Holy Book that has all the answers they will ever need. Stench Tilghman Tchool, you give us hope.

**(I could tell this this ain't gonna work. Been lots of times on a test I said "Jesus, let this be the right answer"; the fucker never came through for me.)

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