My Last Request

A date, we has one. The sawbones-i called and told us they're ready to slice 'n dice. They want me to come down and spill my guts, so to speak, on Friday 5/15, and to steal Beethoven away from me.

As a kind of ridiculous obsession, aka a hobby, I tend to build things like outrigger sailing canoes. Also, I like to go hang out in the wilderness, primitive camping and backpacking, and commune with the little pagan Gods: Fodos-Intuhsus, Dzerminh A-Tshon, Trancpirei Tsin, Graeviti, Phrtilliti, Laiyph, and Groath.

There's a 5-day canoe trail here through an old-growth swamp. With doctors talking about how I might come out of this all weak and crooked, it'd be easy to go all maudlin and say “This might be my last chance to ever do this”—OH, what a GREAT EXCUSE! I'll so use that. At noon,

Imma take this boat

put it in this river,

and be content with the life of this world like there's no tomorrow.


PersonalFailure said...

who could not be content in that river?

good luck!

(maybe you should ask the docs if they'd be willing to bronze beethoven for you . . .)

HolyDude said...

Good Luck to you dude!