In response to this post, one of our commenters, Holydude of Mind Droppings, left this awesome limerick.

There once was a dude called Zaid
Who wrote shit that Mo said
After Mo kicked the bucket
Uthman said "Well... Fuck it"
'Tis time for the 72 to get Laid.

Great minds think alike--I've been making them too

It seems just a little bit odd
that Mohammed said he saw God
it brought him good luck
all the girls he could fuck
so I guess that his plan wasn't flawed.

There was an old man named Mohammad
whatever you do makes him how mad
a cartoon you write
or a titty in sight
sets him off on the path of jihad.

Mohammed said he saw allah
and made himself into a mullah
He says he's the best
he'll kill all the rest
unless they all follow shariah.

This book is just making me bored
even though it's the word of the lord
it's so full of shit
it was wrote by a twit
and it's driving me out of my gourd.

In Mecca there was an old coot
whose preachings just wouldn't take root
they needed some urgin's
he promised them virgins
and soon he was rolling in loot.

The whole Middle East's in a fix
the Jews and the Muslims can't mix
each side thinks they're smart
with all of their heart
but they both cut the ends off their dicks.


PersonalFailure said...

oh, i wish i were good at limericks!

HolyDude said...

Take care and rest well.

HolyDude said...

This is just brilliant Uzza!

there is music in all of these. Are you sure it was you who authored this (and not Beethoven?).

Anonymous said...

who r u can u give me u r address