Yeah, that's what they're calling it now. Just as I suspected, the whole thing was a crock of ... hmmm ... 
there's either a sack of shit lying in Texas or there's a lying sack of shit in Texas, maybe both.  The onliest person in the whole wide world who actually saw[sic] these sacks was Lt Gov. David Dewhurst,

I walked over to where they were screening and they were getting bottles out and smelling them, they were getting water bottles out and smelling and they had urine in it. And there were bags they had set aside and were going to put in the trash and throw it out, of feces. Just despicable. 

 Multiple choice fun!

(1) DD is a lying sack of shit

 (2) DD hallucinates things that don't exist

 (3) I want DD to represent me in government.

The whole thing is ridiculous but the funniest thing is what the head of the DPS said. With a straight face, apparently.

“Does anyone realistically believe we would fabricate evidence to support a political agenda?"

mmm,  dude, yeah.

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