Missing the transgendered point

California passed a law to protect transgender students.  Most people are happy, but some are concerned about the whole "pervert-equality agenda" -- dogs using human bathrooms! urinals in the girl's room! rape epidemics! entire websites devoted to cellphone pics!  Wait, don't we already have those?

Anyway, conservatives made a simpleminded video mocking a straw version of the new law,  predictably ignoring violence and suicide in favor of what's really important---Peeping

and starring Mr "Hey-That's-What-I-Would-Do" (2:20 in the video).  There is so much wrong with this, I don't even.
But commenter  Zachary Bower does.

I recommend we stop teaching boys that it's normal to want to sneak into the girls' locker room to look at naked women, because that's disrespectful, invasive, really creepy, and ideally carries huge legal consequences.

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