Dream Houses

Where would you love to live? Is your dream house in the country, nestled comfortably into the landscape, with a pond and shade trees, looking natural and with some character? Like this one?

 Well fuck you, this place is an eyesore that's ruining the neighborhood--says the county, even if it is back in the woods where they need a drone flyover to see it.  Could it be they're pissed that somebody built it themselves, and only spent $24,000 so their rich developer buddies didn't make a fortune?

Be sure to watch the video, it's mad win.

OK, so the guy didn't get a permit. This place is world famous, as an example of what a house could and should be.  It should be designated a natural treasure, not torn down. They could just issue a variance, if they had souls. 

The neighbors pitched in (36,000+) with a petition to save it
http://naturalhomes.org/save-charlies-house.htm   More pictures and video, wow.

update: naturally, they lost.

Meanwhile, this house warranted (^_^) a SWAT team raid.  It might be out in the boonies, but there was 

"wood that is improperly stacked" so it's only right and proper to bring in the unmanned drones, helicopters, and automatic weapons.
Taken into custody were numerous tomato plants, with known links to Terra, and okra, and tomatillos suspected to have come over the Mexican border without papers.

Thank god big brother is Keeping Us Safe so we can all go live in little boxes like we're sposed to.

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