What's wrong with this?

I don't see anything wrong with this ad. It's just a picture they took, on the street, of some real people--all friends who know each other---doing ordinary things.  But some assholes on facebook knotted up their panties and threw a hissy fitover how "disgusting"  it is. There are WOMEN! FLIRTING, with MEN! The Horror! wtf???

Maybe I'm an outlier. I have good memories of places where a lot of people use ASL, and it was normal for us to have conversations like this, through the glass, with people on the sidewalk outside. Coz we didn't need to hear each other, see.  So I don't see anything unusual about this ad  Do you?

This report on it though in Gawker, disgusting is the word for that. Cornfed women? STD-prevention? Srsly? Sex-starved 15-year old Adrian Chen can take his projection, insults, and misogyny and pack sand in his ass. 

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