Steps in the right direction

Browsing through the Cathouse Newsletter, I noticed a couple of new laws in Nebraska. One moves neglect of an animal that results in its injury or death a felony.
The other requires biannual inspections for operations dealing with cats and dogs, like breeders and kennels. It also provides more inspectors and enforcement.

Traditionally, pets are only worth their market value — like a table or a car.  Well bullshit, and a Texas court has agreed.

Now this dog may be worth as much
as the table he is sitting on.
If someone destroys family heirlooms that are of great sentimental value, even though the heirlooms may be nearly financially worthless, damages can be awarded because of their sentimental value. The new court ruling, ... gives pets at least the same value as other items that are of negligible monetary value but great intrinsic worth.

“Because of the special position pets hold in the family, we see no reason why existing law should not be interpreted to allow recovery in the loss of a pet at least to the same extent as other personal property,” 

Well no shit. All the "pet industry" groups are dead set against this--they're afraid it'll cost them money (there's some good discussion in the comments) Piss on them, is what I say. Maybe now Texas cops will be a little less likely to shoot your dog.

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