The Rape Opt-out Fee

At last!  After groping, molesting and terrorizing millions of us little people, which is fine, the TSA goons finally messed with a Worthy Person, aka Senator Rand Paul, also known as Sarah Jr.   He refused a homosexual encounter at Nashville airport and  got beat up and thrown in jail  had to take a later flight. He stood up for us peasants real good, though, screaming about freedom and the police state and all, until this:
He suggested there should be a "trusted traveler" program in which people who travel frequently and are known to be not a threat, like congressmen, don't have to be searched.
Trusted, yeah right, because no congressman has ever shown themself to be

There already is a Trusted Traveler Program. You pay them a hundred bucks and they agree not to sexually assault you!  They've already extorted  four and a half million dollars with this scam.  The Mafia's got nothing on these guys. 

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