Terror Group Launches New Attack on America

Washington— US officials revealed that a terrorist organization is launching a new campaign of targeted killings modeled after similar programs in Iraq and Pakistan that successfully created anti-American affiliate groups.

Attacks will augment secretive efforts by this group's terror cells that already are conducting bombings and small raids in Yemen, the officials said Tuesday.

The group's leader authorized the expansion of the terrorism in Yemen because of the success of their fight against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a group that owes its existence to this same organization's efforts in Iraq, and the expectation of creating yet another military threat to the United States.

Planning for this campaign of terror began before the start of Yemen's recent unrest, the official said. Following their successful strategy of stationing fighters in the Arabian Peninsula, which gave rise to the attacks on 9/11 and drew the US into two disastrous wars, the organization is now building a base in the Persian Gulf region to create more terrorists in Yemen.

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krissthesexyatheist said...

You probably already know this but Iiiiiiii get my international news from Al Jazeera English. One half hour program kicks arse all over other media coverage...LA times is good also. Awesomeness.