Racism 101

I never heard the term "hizz" (hizhouse?)(hizzy?) until now. Probably that means I've been living under a rock, but I quit watching TV decades ago, so there's that. Srsly, am I supposed to know this stuff?

I guess I flunk Racism, but Fucken Disgusting I understand, and this is Fucking Disgusting.

You'll have to click on the link to get the full effect. (Or not, you already knew Fox is a hatemongering racist pusspile).


D'Ma said...

Well, yes, that's entirely professional reporting going on there. *sarcasm*

I had to google "hizzy". I had no idea. I need to get out more often. Or just watch Fox News. Or not, I'm not particularly suicidal.

Mimi said...

i wish i could give up TV but i just can't miss my daily dose of ugly betty! :D