Enough of all this depressing news. We need something cheerful. We need cupcakes!  What color cupcakes?  Well, all colors, like this:

Why rainbow cupcakes? Well, because the catholics are at it again.  Those two HS kids wanted to form a gay-straight alliance, but they couldn't put up a rainbow flag. Why? Because the school BANNED RAINBOWS, that's why. Who would ban rainbows? The Grinch? No, the catholic church, being assholes as usual. So the kids made this, got their message out, and restored my faith in this generation.

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Anonymous said...

They banned rainbows. Wow, that's intense. Like outlawing kittens and puppies - worse, because the rainbow symbolizes god's promise not to destroy the earth again by water, according to Genesis. It's a symbol of hope and faith. So that amounts to a (symbolic) attempt to deny hope and faith to these cool kids who are acting out tolerance and love. Oh well, we have come to expect this sort of bullshit from the Holy Roman Catholic Church. But the kids did it anyway - and in wildly vibrant colours, too. Woohoo!