Here We Go Again

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Readies National Guard Against Unions

We've already done this.  John D. Rockefeller. Ludlow, Colorado.  97 years ago today.
Some of the victims, and their ages

Elvira Valdez, age: 3 months
Lucy Petrucci, age: 2 ½ years
Frank Petrucci, age: 4 months
Onafrio Costa, age: 4 years
Cloriva Pedregone, age: 4 year
Joe Petrucci, age: 4 ½ years
Rodgerlo Pedregone, age: 6 years
Mary Valdez, age: 7 years
Eulala Valdez, age: 8 years
William Snyder Jr, age: 11 years

How many graves should we dig this time, Scott? 

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Andy said...

This is the first time of heard of this. Thanks.