Dog Apes Cats

Darn dogs, always trying to hog the spotlight. We just had this great story of cats taking care of a baby. They don't get to bask in the limelight a week before this black lab tries to horn in.

Yes Fido, U iz hero.
Short story: little kid wanders away from the parents, Labrador Retriever retrieves goes after him and keeps him warm till rescuers come.

The story really dumps on the kid's mother, but I wouldn't call it "abominable” that the a two year old was a quarter mile from home. We have one, and he could give an AA Dragster a run for its money. In the time it takes you to snuff out your crack pipe he can be out the door across the yard over the river and through the wood.

Mad props to the dog, though for not being a Libertarian and eating the kid.

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