Compulsion in Religion

Still in Chapter two, here's the other most famous verse in the koran,

(2:256) There is no compulsion in matters of faith.
This agrees with back in 2:62 it said anybody good goes to heaven—Jews, Sabeans, the lot. And 2:212 says it's only wishful thinking that nobody does except Jews and Christians, moslems do too, so neener neener.

Mo is just so touchy-feely here, it's really hard to square it with all his talking shit about unbelievers when he was back in Mecca. He's suddenly gone all soft, but remember the other famous verse? How long d'ya think it'll be before he reverts to form and abrogates this one, like he did before when he said he "fabricated things against god"?

Something's gotta happen, because there's sure and the fuck compulsion in it now.


PersonalFailure said...

Mo: both hallucinatory and suffering from MPD. or maybe that's god . . .

HolyDude said...

So the 10 Commandments tell you what you MUST do and what you MUST NOT! But since its not a compulsion - its optional.

Maybe we should call it The 10 Suggestions?

HolyDude said...

No Compulsions indeed:
You MUST NOT eat Pork!
You MUST NOT consume alcohol (though its ok to harvest opium. God loves dope.)!
You MUST NOT engage in homosexuality / sodomy!
You MUST NOT be immodestly attired!
You MUST NOT mingle with infidels!
You MUST NOT receive / give interest (for loans)!
You MUST NOT worship idols (or anything non-Allahish).
You MUST NOT eat during fasting-periods in Ramadan.
You MUST NOT shirk from performing Haj (pilgrimage).

As you can see... NO Compulsion! Only some mild mannered suggestions failing which you can expect:

a. Flogging
b. Beatings
c. Amputation
d. Beheadings
e. Stoning (not the fun variety)
f. Gang Rape

Allah-o-Akbar (God is sooo fucking great!!)