the weekly stupid

Every time I read the news I see the stupidest thing I've ever heard, so I decided to hold a contest and just blog the one thing that is the most idiotic shit-smearing dumbassery of the entire week. And here it is:

Cary Grove High School in Illinois, who thinks firefights in the hallways are a good idea, with PTSD as a graduation requirement.

The kids might not even notice, they'll be too groggy and sleep-deprived from all the helicopters and fighter jets shooting up the place unexpectedly in the middle of the night.  All this shit is supposed to make us feel SAFE, y'unnerstand.

 Runners up:
 Sen. John Goedde (R-Hypocratia) read a book thirty years ago and now he wants all high school kids to suffer like he did, but mandatory "Atlas Shrugged"?  ! 
Bill Donahue. Gay dogs.  Need more be said?

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