Little Hero Girl

So you're driving down the road and you pass this:

What do you do?

A: Drive on
B: Stop and investigate the mark on that tree

Booo Hiss if you answered A, MAJOR points to fishermen Kraai McClure and Scott Beutler, who went back and looked. Millions of points to Aryanna Huff, that they found down there, next to a 
wrecked car a few hundred feet from the road. Nearby were the two young girls, scared and confused. "They could say their names but were totally in shock," McClure said.
The car had gone off the road and crashed into that tree. Aryana was hurt, but her little sister was hurt worse, and her mother was still behind the wheel--dead.  It was night, cold, wet, they were as far out in the boonies as you can get, and Aryanna was only four years old.

No matter: she got out of the car, got her baby two-year-old sister out, then got a blanket and wrapped them both up to keep warm in near-freezing temperatures. With daylight, Kraai and Scott showed up, and gave this story a happy ending.  

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