Angels of the Sea

Dolphins are in the news this week, being all altruistic as usual and showing how dumb beasts lack the capacity to think moral behavior is a uniquely human attribute common throughout the animal kingdom bestowed by God and Biblethumpers are full of shit.

Here's a video of them forming a living life raft with their bodies in order to help a dying buddy.

Note the one dolphin’s snout above water – this appears to be the dying dolphin that’s being helped to stay afloat.

When they need help, they are smart enough--and more amazingly, trusting enough--to go to people and ask for help.

Or maybe ask sperm whales, like this pod who have adopted a disabled dolphin.

Who knows anything about sperm whales, besides that they dive down deep and do mysterious things where we can't follow them. We don't know what they do down there, or what they're talking about--or singing about.
 Can't think of sperm whales without thinking of Giant Squids, can you?  They're in the news too.


What IS this thing?

Humans need more humility. Even today, when we can put robots on other planets, we share our own planet with these biggest creatures on earth and we still know next to nothing about them. The Colossal Squid fer example.
How much do YOU know?

[  I missed six :-(  ]

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