Paul weasels out of hell

Paul is going to hell (Matt 5:22)  

Paul, you fool you, you got a problem. Here you go quoting the Old Testicle (Romans 2:6/Psalms62:12)

"He will repay each one according to his works"

 Bad move, dude. Most of your works until lately have been extraordinary renditions, waterboarding, and targeted killings--of Christians, and those Romans you're writing this letter to ain't likely to forget it. With this crazy god of yours it's hard to say, but it seems likely he won't repay those works with streams, fruit and virgins--or whatever.  Buddy, you are so fucked.

Wait, wait, though. Never misunderestimate the contortions a fundy can go through to change bullshit into wine.  He goes on in his longwinded way and he DOES IT. Props!

 bla bla blab bla for 2000+ words to say  it doesn't matter what you do, all that matters is that you have faith in Jebus, coz you're justified by faith.  Nice save, Paul. 

This surprised me. I thought that was just some wacko idea from crazytown where fundys hold rattlesnakes and get creative over one little passage. It's 100 carat Scripture though, just like stoning your daughters wearing mixed fabrics. Paul goes on and on about it. Of all the people who might come up with such loony idea, he'd head the list, he was a regular Dick Cheney before he fell and hit his head, so he's got a lot of works that need forgiven.  All that torturin' and murderin'?  Don't pay that no mind,  AI BELEEVE!1!!!!! 

Clever, this Paul. An asshole, but clever. 

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