Where to eat?

Greetings from the hellhole of South Carolina.  Hellhole, you ask, isn't that a little strong?  Well,  remember our governor is Nikki Haley [google "Turned down billions of federal dollars for the nation's worst education and health systems" or "too dumb to keep hackers out of state's computers"] replacing Mark "Appalachian blowjob" Sanders.  And  for congressmenorganisms we have Jim Demint, Joe Wilson and Lindsey Lohan or Graham or whatever, who vote to make it illegal to obey the law.  Let's just say when this place makes the national news it's never flattering.

Ignore all that stuff, let's eat. What are our choices?  There was a Taco Bell, where you ordered over a big sign that said "Our first priority is to serve Jesus". It's gone now, guess Jesus didn't eat enough tacos. There's Maurice's, where they hand out pro-slavery tracts; and  Chick Fillet, where you sit under a big sign quoting Leviticus "TRADISHONAL MARRAIGE!!!11! " while your food is cooked, by men.   And now there's

It's right up the street, I've even eaten at this one. Sigh. At this rate I'll have to start cooking my own meals.

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