Crime prevention that works.

We don't have public service announcements blaring DON'T GET MURDERED!", we talk to the murderers and tell them "Don't fucken murder people".  But when it comes to rape it's the victims we talk to and say "Don't dress slutty, don't wear tight clothes, don't wear loose clothes, don't be anywhere ..."  This needs to change, and here's how.

 See how this works? It's not aimed at the victims, it's aimed at the perpetrators, telling this is wrong; it spotlights an all-too-common excuse as the bullshit it is, maybe most important it gives positive reinforcement to back up people who might otherwise not speak up.

Lookit that--they've even gone gender neutral.  How cool is that?  But the clincher is, and really the only thing we need to know is

Reported rapes dropped 10% after Vancouver put these ads out!

They got it from Edmonton, who had success with it, now other cities are picking up on it.  Also bloggers--Amanda at Pandagon talks about why it works so well, and Greta Christina asks, if one little public service campaign can have such an effect, what if we took part in a years- or decades-long effort? Let's do it. 

hat tip, Margarita del Norte From the Top of the World

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