Extreme Awwww...

Found on facebook
 A blinded fox cub left for dead by a speeding car
has been helped back to health by his unusual pals - a group of orphaned kittens.

The injured animal was found with severe head injuries by the side of a dual carriageway after he was hit by a car. While still unconscious, the fox was put into a cage with three orphaned kittens which were found in a box.

The cats immediately began to groom the fox and snuggled up to him as he slowly came out of the coma. The cub, which was not even expected to survive the ordeal, then began to regain his sight and health after just five days. Now the fox has made a full recovery and formed an incredible bond with the feline friends.

 'It was very sweet, the cats needed something to snuggle up to and they loved his fur. One of the owners of the rescue centre said 'One of them used to lick him all the time as he slowly came out of his coma. 'Once awake the four of them became best friends and the kittens acted like a guiding light to the fox as he regained his sight.' 'I think they all helped save each other's lives.' ♥

The cub was eventually sent to Fox Protect in Tunbridge Wells to complete his rehabilitation before he was released back into the wild and the kittens found a home. ♥

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