Ice Sculptures

It's been a week of Nature's Winter Wonders To Marvel At. (that's all one word). First, Margarita Del Norte posted this fantastical story of little flowery ice sculptures growing in the ocean.  Frost Flowers, they're called, and I'd never heard of them, and they seen even more exotic now since the temperatures here are hanging at about 80.

Even the name of this fascinating story about them is snorgly; "Suddenly There's A Meadow In The Ocaean With 'Flowers' Everywhere". 

Then a few days later I find out about The Strange Snow Formations Called Penitentes


 They're not only weird and amazing they're pretty high tech, too. Scientists have created them in the lab now and I have to admit I don't really understand it, so I'll just kick back and revere stuff.  Woot.

Then, damify don't find another Nature'swinterwonderstomarvelat, a completely different kind of "Frost Flower", this one with actual flowers--and boy do they rock!

 There's all this awesome stuff out there, and I've never seen any of it.  POUT!  Imma go outside and stare at the stars.

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