Sappy Holidays

It's that of year! We interrupt our regular programming of cynical, sarcastic, snark to bring you  sappy, maudlin, tear-jerky, feelgood stories. Start with a blind dog, lost, presumed dead ... but then at the last minute, his human found the kennel, where he was about to be euthanized,
Stevie Oedipus Wonder, home
uncertain the dog would be able to recognize her.  “All he had to do was hear my voice,” she said. “I stood at the entrance of the kennel building and called out ‘Stevie, Stevie.’ And he started barking all over the place.”


 To make a difference, all it takes is for one person to step up. Like the Turtle Lady.  One little thing, and five years later she finds out that
"his children have often reminded him of being careful with wildlife"
after she stood up to some bullies.  It would make your day to hear someone tell you that.   Never underestimate the effects our actions can have on others.

Here's a teacher that turned 1st graders from gender bullies into kids that say
"I want a baby Alive Doll and I don't care if it's for girls."

Not tearing up yet? Click on the picture and read the story behind it. It has warm fuzzies that will choke you, fer sure.

Non-discrimination between genders? HA! I give you non-discrimination between species!  How about a video?

It's a holiday, have a happee, mmmkay? 

Think good thoughts,

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