Hippies, right again

Psilocybin cures PTSD? I could see that. Maybe even cancer? Here's a ray of common sense shining through all the murk and gloom in the news.
the first [study] since 1972 to explore a hallucinogen's therapeutic value.
It only took them 40 years to see the nose on their face. Now they suspect these drugs help with
post-traumatic stress disorder, drug or alcohol addiction, unremitting pain or depression and the existential anxiety of terminal illness.
Gosh, who knew? Well, not the govt., but a lot of people, like this commenter
I doubt if it is even possible to be depressed while on psilocybin
 And get this:
With her form of leukemia, those counts are expected to rise steadily as the disease progresses. But in June 2009, four months after her psilocybin session, they went down. Every three months since, they have retreated further,
It occurs to me that those old stoners were right about medical marijuana too. This research could eliminate a lot of needless misery:
expect the Department of Heightened Suffering to send Predator drones after these labs any day now. 


Marzie said...

The article is interesting, but I am so divided over adverse after effects from drugs in the lass, particularly MDMA (Ecstasy).

The effect on cancer is interesting though... Makes you think about that mind-body connection...

Marzie said...

Class, not lass!