Sura 52: By the Mount

Chapter 52 lapses back into swearing on the mount(ain) and the sky that those horrible pagans like so much. You can take the man out of the paganism, but you just can't take the pagan out of the man.
1-16 swears judgment day's a-comin', and sinners'll burn.
17-29 describes heaven, where 22We shall bestow on them, of fruit and meat,” served by 24 Youths handsome as Pearls well-guarded” to wait on you hand and foot,
and deliver pizza with
EXTRA SALAMI, baby, ...

..."and houris with big beautiful eyes”.
Slaves again. It's the koran.


29 on disses the non-cultists with a lot of rhetorical questions like 39 "Or has He only daughters and ye have sons?” Whoa, killer arguments there, wow. It sounds like nothing so much as a Chick Tract. It needs to be rewritten, maybe like this, or this.

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