Oh Fun, a Fundy

Anonymous panties are all wedgied over this post, becuz

If you take verses out of context, you can make them say whatever you want. Oh goody; I'll make “kill every living thing” say “do not harm any living creature”. How do I do that? Waterboard it or something? But in context, God WAS talking about a specific people group (or city in this case); and among that people group that was against God and wicked God said they were against wicked God too? And god said “let there be commas,” .. no wait, he said "kill every living thing." He was was he was was, was he? referring to that group. The nations he lists in the very next verse were nations that burn their children in the fire, human sacrifices, sexual immorality, etc. His list includes the Hittites, the first constitutional government, who wrote the Hittite Laws, notable for rejecting the death penalty, so until you produce some evidence for all these burned up children, we'll just go on assuming you're full of shit, mmmkay?

If you read the rest of the Bible you would know that God never told the Israelittes (sic) to kill everybody else in the world; If I read the previous verse he says to do it to “all the cities”—London, Paris, Bangkok, L.A.--so your point is what, god is all moral because he doesn't bother to hunt down people that live way out in the sticks? in fact in that same chapter for other groups they were at war with by “at war with” you mean the procedure outlined in 10-12: offer to enslave them, and if they refuse, attack them. Y'know, like Hitler or the Visigoths. He said to only wipe out the men,but to spare the women and children- Oh damn, that's right. God only said to kill all the men in the world. So it's all good then. and this ONLY if they would not make peace. By 'make peace' you mean “be tributaries unto thee, and serve thee”(11) like those nice Egyptians made them do earlier.

Also, this is the Old Testament you're quoting from. They were under a different covenant, when Jesus came He fulfilled the old one Jesus killed all the men in the world? and so we're not under their laws. If it doesn't matter, why'd you just waste all that time making excuses for it? Why didn't you just say The OT is bullshit”? Shoot, we could have agreed on something. The New Testament says "Do not kill", even those who do not agree with you. The Koran does not make this disctinction; it simply says "Kill all infidels". At least they're consistent about it.

My point? Don't make a claim about what the Bible or Koran teaches by taking one sentence out of context. Like you just did with the New testament? Sorry, I'll make any
damn claim I please. You can come up with intelligent reasons why my claim isn't valid, as opposed to incoherent ones like here: you pointed to the context of the surrounding verses that make it look way worse, to show it's not bad. Epic Fail.

Four minutes later anonymous had an epiphany, or something, and sent a new comment.

No, only the nations listed are to be destroyed. He seems to be disagreeing with something here. Me? Himself? Frederich Nietzsche? Context, dude, context. If u read the Bible they were really bad nations. And if u don't read the bible they were really good nations? Maybe u shouldn't read the bible then. If you're not one of those specific people named who totally defied God (like it says earlier in the Bible) you're safe. I don't want to be safe. I want to be moral, non-violent, stuff like that. But laughing. Read the next verse please:

"However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, oh man, I thought it was bad when yuppies give their kid a new car on their 16th birthday, god gives these guys entire fucking countries! with instructions do not leave alive anything that breathes. Nothing, got that? Not a baby or a puppy or a kitten 17 Completely destroy them fucking puppies—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the LORD your God has commanded you cause He hates the kittehs. 18 Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshiping their gods, and you will sin against the LORD your God." Whoops. You said it was cause they were child-burnin', human sacrificin', sexually immoral kittehs. It's really cuz they have this real kinky way of praying, and if they show you it, u r helpless to resist, u becomes mindless zombee, can't halp but join in eevil rites.

Bite me. The context is a couple of holy books filled with thousands of exhortations to violence and murder. A moral book would be full of exhortations like “One should treat all beings as he himself would be treated" (Sutrakritanga). The context is your crappy gods aren't half as moral as the human beings who wrote that.


PersonalFailure said...

no, god specifically called for the deaths of every living thing in several cities, including an exhortation to dash infants against the rocks, and rip the unborn from their mothers' uteruses- which i'm guessing wouldn't have worked out well for the mothers, either.

and when god wasn't calling for the deaths of women and children, he was calling for virgins (no age limit, coulda been 4 year old girls) to be used as sex slaves by his chosen people.

merciful and just, my ass.

Baal's Bum said...

I wonder how these fools would feel if the Israelites had been able to continue and spread all over the world with their system of mass murder and enslavement and were knocking on their cities gates now.