A Muslim is Offended

It would be nice to hear something intelligent from a person who takes this book seriously. Occasionally a muslim leaves a nasty comment—you can't blame them—and every time I answer politely—I can be polite, believe it or not—and invite them explain their POV, but they never have the backbone to stick around; always just drive-by bitching.

This time Rose has been offended by this old post, so I'm responding in detail and hoping she will maybe answer. Maybe pigs will fly. It's a weird post to pick on since I'm sure she could find more offensive things than the two points I made in this post: that I was surprised to learn you can call Allah by any name you want, and that his ostensible revelation about it seems transparently self-serving. So here's Rose, in Blue.

Yes We Call Allah (SW) al-Rahman and al-Raheem
And Yes, We call him by any name, that we know, or that we feel it might describe his powerfulness and superiority...

Great, I got that. My post said so. So your point is ...?

My other point was that Mohammed used a name that referred to a Yemeni god, which I guessed was from habit after 40+ years of worshiping all the pagan gods, and had to be explained, therefore his revelation. Since we likely don't agree on this second point, it would have been nice if you addressed it instead of going all panties-in-a-knot on other topics. Disappointing.

This is my religion and this is what I believe in
I do not run around asking people to convert to Islam
And since you are atheist, you should not care about what other's believe in...

When others preach that I should be killed, and try to kill me, and kill my neighbors, I definitely should care what they believe in

What I suggest is that you mind your own business

THIS kind of makes it my business, wouldn't you say?

because no matter what you feel or what you say, Islam is not just any other part of everyday, Islam runs in our blood, it shapes our identity

All the more reason to try to understand it. Are you evil or just gullible? Talk to me.

I am really sorry that you read the translated work of Quran in English
That may be if you were Arabic, you can see the beauty of this beautiful holy book....

I'm hardly going to learn to read and write a very difficult foreign language just so I can find out what some religious fanatics think. First of all, whether the book is beautiful or ugly, all that matters is the message it delivers. Secondly, you're hinting at the old line that Classical Arabic is the only language sophisticated enough to convey its meaning, which is simply racist.

It is not for you to decide wether Islam is good or not?

Really? Who is it for then? Sorry, it IS for me to decide what is good for me, and for you to decide what is good for you. See Sura 109.

I would never say Christianity is good or not?

I'll save you the trouble of dragging christianity into this; it's not.

I have not tried being Christian so how can I judge?????

That's pathetic. I can't condemn terrorism until I've been a terrorist? I can't say murder is bad until I've tried murdering someone? How you can judge is pretty simple, and it's the same way you should judge anything, Islam included. (1). Read the old testament, see what christians believe; (2) Read the news, see what christians do. Google “Irish Catholic Abuse” for starters, or “inqusition” or “crusades. It'll make you feel better about your own wackos.

Do you think by reading Quran you can say that????? I dont think so.....................

Well, most of your fellow muslims disagree with you. They constantly nag me to read the koran so I can understand islam. I think by reading the koran I can understand the koran—how much that has to do with islam I'm still confused about. You could help.

Yes I call Him al-Rahman

Allah Akbar Allah Akbar

Well, good. Kiku ha ittoki no haji kikanu ha issh no haji. If you don't know what that means, just take it as a cheap insulting way to exhibit my own perceived superiority by using terms my reader won't know, instead of making an effort to communicate, and going out of my way to be offensive because after all, there is no point in lowering myself to your barbaric level by using your language instead of forcing you to use mine. Sort of a snobby, less honest 'fuck you'. To be fair though, I suppose I shouldn't gripe about people being disrespectful, lol.


Baal's Bum said...

I too have been told of the "beauty of the koran in the original arabic. I have also been told this is to prevent misunderstanding by translation. What these people do not, or will not accept, is that in approximately the same length of time changes and differing influences have changed one language to the the german language and the english language. So how different is the understanding of a person reading the koran now to back when it was written ?

uzza said...

Classical written Arabic and Colloquial spoken Arabic are two different languages, just like Classical Arabic and English are two different languages. That's speaking as a linguist.